Crest Whitestrips for absolutely whiter teeth!


Just cant get enough coffee & tea? Already done many 'petua' & products but still yellowish?
Try this famous product & your teeth will never look the same. :)
Crest Whitestrips Classic 

- Whiter teeth in 5 days
- Enamel safe.
- Easy to apply.
- Wear 30 minutes a day.
- Results last for 6 months.
- Made in USA
3D Crest Whitestrips Professional Effect 

- Whiten by deep cleaning.
- Up to 5 level professional whitening.
- Enamel Safe and recommended by dentist.
- Easier to apply.
- Can see result in 3 days.
- Results last for 12 months.
- Made in USA

For more information you can find here :

I'm offering this product by 2 type of packages for PRE-ORDER.
1) Trial pack for 7 days
- 7 pouches with 14 strips.
- suitable for those who want to try first.
- the price is affordable for trial

2) Complete pack for 14 days
- 14 pouches with 28 strips.
- suitable for those who want to have complete treatment.
- the price is quite pricey but still cheaper since this is imported from US.

Normal retail price : RM125 exclude postage
Now, the best price!
Trial pack for 7 days- RM 55 included postage
Complete pack for 14 days- RM95 included postage

Normal retail price : RM165 exclude postage
Now, the best price!
Trial pack for 7 days- RM75 included postage
Complete pack for 14 days- RM135 included postage

ETA (Estimated Time Arrival) - End of June 2012

However, there will be no box since i make this type of packages. 
If you want in box, please email me for the price. Thank you.

How to use? Just simple steps!

1) Peel the strips from the foil. (For the best result, do not brush your teeth before applying the strips)
2) Apply the strips onto your teeth.
3) Wear for 30 minutes a day and remove. Brush & clean your teeth after using it.

You can see the reviews here by Liyana (who has inspired me) & Mama Mona from Egypt (i read this before i buy them) . From my experience, just in 3 days I can clearly see the result. Now, I want to share to others. I'm using the classic one which is the first batch of the Crest Whitestrip. It is cheaper than the 3D one but the result still make me happy! However, the 3D Crest Professional Effect is more pricey since it has double effect & has advance sealed which would not slide around when you stick onto your teeth.

Hurry !! Pre-Order now before its too late. Full payment is needed.
If out-of-stock, I will refund all the payment. First come first serve. 
Pre-Order dateline : 15 May 2012
Due to high demand I HAVE TO CLOSE ORDER.
Sorry..tune for next batch pre-order ok..
First pay first serve ya
Email me at


husnyhoneys said...

kak, guna benda ni akan menghakis gigi x?

Shakina Farhan said...

daripada pembacaan akak & akak pki, xd rasa menghakis gigi..tak macam yg jumpa dentist rasanye..die pun tak kekal..

Anonymous said...

kak..lambat nye dpt..xsempat dah tu..huhu..ready stok xde ek..berminat ni

Shakina Farhan said...

anon: sorry dear..xd ready stock..mmg lambat sikit dapat sebab dari US..

LyaEyz said...

Salam Kina, akak nak try la.. nak yg mana ek..yg mana better? classic or professional?

Shakina Farhan said...

Wslm kak lyaeyz, kalau dari segi whiter & senang nak apply professional effect lagi recommended..sbb die ade advance seal & whitening level up to 5 level..classic ni crest punya 1st product..

LyaEyz said...

classic susah ke nak pasang kina?

Shakina Farhan said...

classic & professional cara pasang classic ni mudah nak slide masa tgh pakai..hee..professional melekat elok masa tampal..tq 4 the payment..kina dah receive kak..:)

nabilaazmie said...

Kina saye nk

nabilaazmie said...

Kina saye nk

Shakina Farhan said...

nabila: boleh kina ye..:)

nabilaazmie said...

Da email.. Kina received x email saye? :)

Shakina Farhan said...

baru receive..dah reply ye..:) tq

Anonymous said...

dijamin halal?

Shakina Farhan said...

anon: kalau nak halal jakim memang xd berdasarkan ingredient non alcohol & glycerin bukan dari animal derivatives tapi dari vegetables..tq..

syafa said...

Ala,baru nk order.tgk2 dh closed.huhu

Shakina Farhan said...

syafa: sorry dear..dah terlebih time ye..:)

Anonymous said...

if pakai braces xboleh la ek guna?

Shakina Farhan said...

anon: a,ah..tak boleh kl pakai braces..nanti bertompok2..

Anonymous said...

after bkk braces bru i beli la cmtu.. hehe

♥ C-ma ♥ said...

ala...dah blh order ek kina?huhu...bila blh order lg ek?
insyaAllah shima kawen bulan nov 4 dis year...hrp2 sempat ar

jayidah said...

huhu..dah close ke..baru nak order..:( blh open semula kawen bln 8..

Shakina Farhan said...

maaf ye shima & jayidah..dah tutup order..kalau ade ready stock nt cpt2 grab ye..insyaAllah akan bukak tak lama lg utk next batch..stay tune ye..

eila fazdly said...

ala da xbley ker..?? br nk wat payment...huhuhu...

Shakina Farhan said...

eila: utk yg dah order tp belum byr boleh buat byrn selewat2nye hari ni..eila termasuk dlm 8 org tu..hehe..order baru yg yg xbleh..

orked violet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lil'Qarmaa said...

kina..bila next order ye...

izfanora said...

kalau kawin net month, xder ke buka order? waaa.. knp kat m'sia xder.. sedih...

Shakina Farhan said...

lil'qarmaa: kena tunggu ya..

izfa: kalau next month buka sekarang pun belum tentu sampai dear sebab shipping lambat..sorry ye..

Anonymous said...

salam shakina....
dayah baru terbaca u punya blog ni....huhu...

shakina..i nk order.... tp kene tggu next order right?
if u dah open pls drop me an email... []

i nk used before end of this year...
nak gigi chantek jugak... ^__^


damya hanie said...

salam kina... buke la order lg... mau juge beli... plz3... ^^

Shakina Farhan said...

Damya hanie: skg ade promo raye..boleh email kina utk details..tggl sikit lg..tq..

damya hanie said...

kina, suda email... u bg detail untuk payment ye... i akn byr hr ni... tq ^^

khairunnisa said...

ada lagi tak ? nak order :)

nurnabila said...

Akak ..... Ambik order lagi . Saya nak order boleh tak ?

Helmi Hariiri said...

Kalau dah start ambil order boleh bagitau saya? thanks :)


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