New: TQ Tag Cutting Service

Hi lovely customers!
Due to high demand in renting + buying my paper shaper puncher, this idea popup in my mind.
It is too risky to rent to others and might be, i could lost my beloved puncher (this puncher also quite heavy for postage), so here is the alternative!

I'm volunteering to punch for you! You can save cost & energy hence you could have those adorable tq tag.
Why? You dont have to buy or rent any scallop paper shaper which you might only use it once for this purpose plus it is hard to find available paper shaper puncher.
Scallop shape tq tag for wedding + any events
TQ Tag Cutting Service For 1.5inch Scallop Size!
100 pcs - RM10 
200 pcs - RM15
500 pcs - RM35
1000pcs - RM60
2000pcs - RM100

The postage from us is free! Grab this now!

Simple as 1 2 3!

  1. You print your tq tag in business card or any paper you want (but make sure the circle is in 1.6inch size) : can follow from my guideline here.
  2. Post the tq tag to us. The postage is covered by customer.
  3. We punch for you and then post them to you within a week after we receive your tq tag. The postage from us is free!

No clues? Feel blues? Dont hesitate to email me at


ctnorhatika said...

saya berminat. nak tempah boleh ke? pls pm email me.

Efah Mustaffa said...

Nak jgk yunk...


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