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Alhamdulillah, we are proudly launch our official blogshop 'theshop-A-blog' today, 9th May 2012.
Dear valued customer,
Why you should shop at 'theshop-A-blog'?
'theshop-A-blog' offers good, pretty, affordable, and unique items at reasonable price.
We will update our product & service so stay tune. :)

As for now listed below are our products & services. 
- Wedding Rentals & Services
- Handmade Cookies
- Crest Whitening Strips
- Tony Moly Lip Tint
- Medela Breastpumps
- Soft Toys
Many more to come!

All imported products are 100% Guaranteed Genuine as we purchase directly from reliable supplier from oversea.
We consider the satisfaction from our customer so don't hesitate to contact us  at

Any blogshop wants to exchange link, you are most welcomed!
Enjoy your shopping!   

Shakina Farhan
The blog owner of:


puan.mila said...

wow kina dh buat u!! Kina fulltime housewife eh?

Shakina Farhan said...

mila: a,ah dear..kina baru nak berjinak2 ni..kecil2 je..hee..fulltime housewife tu yg kena business..haha..

cikpuanputeri said...


Cik Zimie said...

goodluck kina hehe baru tahu blogshop kina ni.

Kak Long said... boleh jadi usahawan tebaik ni1

tahniah, GOOD LUCK!!

Miss Ika said...

Seronoknya ada blogshop sendiri.
Gud luck Kina. :)

Shakina Farhan said...

tq all..:)..


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