Pre-Order 2nd Batch Crest Whitestrip Professional Effect

Good news!InsyaAllah, we will open pre-order twice in a month from now & onwards. 
Stay tune for our announcement.

Another good news!

Now, Pre-order for Crest Whitestrip is officially open today :
Monday - 28 May 2012

This pre-order only apply to 3D Crest Whitestrip Professional Effect! 
Dont be sad since the 3D Crest Whitestrip Professional Effect is much better than the Classic one.
You will have no regret! 
The price is still the same! ETA (Estimate Time Arrival) is early of July 2012.

- Whiten by deep cleaning.
- Up to 5 level professional whitening.
- Enamel Safe and recommended by dentist.
- Can see result in 3 days.
- Results last for 12 months.

- Easier to apply. 

- Made in USA

Normal retail price : RM165 exclude postage
Now, the best price!
Trial pack for 7 days- RM75 included postage
Complete pack for 14 days- RM135 included postage
Trial pack for 7 days treatment

This is a limited order since we want to maintain our good service. 
We only accept the first 20 customers on first pay first serve basis! 
Based on the first pre-order, the order only takes 2 days to reach the quota.
So hurry up! 

Seriously interested? Email me at:


ninie comey said... dah emel..nanti reply ye :)

Anonymous said...

me too... i da email.. reply ek.... nk bank in ni... hehe


Shakina Farhan said...

Ninie: dah reply..nasib baik kina check spam..tq..

Hana: done..:)

ninie comey said...

kina..tu la psl..kalau x mesti frust dah bank in kina...nanti cek kat maybank ye :)

orked violet said...

saLam kina,

yeay!!saye nak order jugak.

saye da sent email. tapi gune office punye. da sent br perasan. huhuhu
Please reply ye.. Thanks!! =)

Shakina Farhan said...

ok dear..kina dah reply semua..sekarang tinggal lagi 4 customers..selling very fast ya..

mistulip said...

kina,sy dh email..reply ek..

Shakina Farhan said...

mistulip: rasanye kina dah reply semua email..nama pd email ape eyh? sbb rmi jd kina xtau yg mana satu email mistulip ni..

mistulip said...

hehe..nama pd email syamie..pggl je kite mimie...dh byr pun..=)

Shakina Farhan said...

orite..tq mimie..

to all: pre-order 2nd batch telah ditutup..bagi yang belum membuat bayaran, harap boleh bayar selewat-lewatnya malam ini ya..

sheena ♥ said...

Hey there, I want to know if you're going to order these again...
I'm interested! :)


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