Crest Whitestrip Classic will be replaced by Advanced Vivid


Bad News: Unfortunately, we will discontinue Crest Whitestrip Classic since the delivery took at least 40 days to reach Malaysia. For those who had ordered Classic during the first pre-order, thank you for your patient & hopefully they will reach you by End of June as estimated. Crest Whitestrip Classic was ordered from a different supplier for 3D Crest Whitestrips Professional Effect so that's why there are different in delivery as the first & second pre-order for Professional Effect had already received their orders which is earlier than estimated.

Good News: We will replace them with Advanced Vivid from the same supplier for 3D Crest Whitestrip Professional Effect (Thank God, the supplier is extremely fast in delivery) and start to open pre-order for any customer who interested to get themselves 3D Crest Whitestrip Advanced Vivid by this coming Thursday, 14th June 2012. 

Rating made by 3D Crest (Classic is their first product which improvise into 3D white)
3D Crest Whitestrip Professional Effect > 3D Crest Whitestrip Advanced Vivid> Crest Whitestrip Classic

> is better in rating

Stay tune for product descriptions & price for 3D Crest Whitestrip Advanced Vivid. Tq.



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