Ready stock 3D Crest Whitestrips Professional Effect

Ready stock ada pada tangan kina sekarang..
Tapi sangat limited ok! Siapa bayar dulu die me utk cara

Price lain dari preorder sebab in hand ye..

Trial pack : rm80
Complete pack : rm135

Postage included : pos ekspress with tracking no..

Preorder batch 8 will be opened insyaAllah on 25/10/2012!


nurrihan said...

akk,sye nk stu...complete pack..nnt sye emelkan akk..

Shakina Farhan said...

Nurrihan,akak da reply email awk..dpt x?

zatizetty said...

salam kina,ada lg yg ready stock?sbb kalau pre order 8 tu cm smpai lewat utk mjls nti..?how kina?ada..?


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